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"Another Type" of Distribution Company
We are a young and growing team, always ready to take on any challenge that comes our way. Although we are at the beginning of our journey, we have achieved hard-to-reach performances in a short time thanks to our experience in vast areas such as distribution, sales, management, logistics, and back-office support.

We successfully manage to provide on-point solutions to complete each project and ensure a beneficial outcome for all parties involved. The figures speak for themselves.

The year 2019 marks the beginning of ADC Group which, although being a relatively fresh player on the market, quickly became a force to be considered with. Our goal is simple, to bring a wave of constructive changes to the distribution market of both IT Hardware and Renewable Energy. Thus we plan an even stronger bridging between the two in order to help secure a sustainable future. What is more, thanks to having our focus set on digital distribution, we are able to adapt quickly to the dynamic fluxes of global supply chains. We are the ADC Group.
To meet our customers' expectations, we have opened a branch in the Czech Republic. The main goal is to increase the availability of the offered products and shorten delivery times. ADC CZ is built by a young, professional and energetic team with extensive collective experience in the market. That allows us to grow both vertically (by increasing revenue) and horizontally (by expanding our portfolio).
ADC SRL was born in 2020 to answer to ever-growing needs of the IT market. Thanks to the team's joint vast experience in the industry (and in areas such as marketing, logistics, sales and back-office support), we were able to find necessary solutions. Our coordinated efforts brought favourable results for each party involved, encouraging us to work even harder. Our foundations are solid and made of mutual trust and respect both within our team and amongst our Partners and Customers.
This branch of our Group was established in September 2021 to fill the niche created by the lack of alternative energy sources in Romania. We also wanted to raise customer awareness regarding the subject and show them how solar/renewable energy can create a sustainable environment. ADC Suistanable Power has a team with 10 years of experience in the development and construction of PV power plants in Romania, as well as in the international trade of equipment and services. We are supported by partnerships with some of the largest distributors in Europe.
ADC Sustainable Power
Driven by our ambition and the need for growth and progress, we are currently aiming at the Polish market. The opening of this branch should happen in the third quarter of 2022.
Another Distribution Company Mission and Objectives
We foster on-point, realistic, and no other deviation solutions for the IT Hardware and Green Energy Hardware distribution market through indirect business.

The main objective is to streamline the traditional distribution system by converting it into a revolutionary one: E-DISTRIBUTION.

How? By reducing shipping time and the red tape involved. This visibly improves the customer experience in the indirect business.
Our Values
Progressivity and dynamism
No amount of ambition or initiative can help in maintaining business relationships in the modern world without a proper amount of adaptability. And that would be nothing without a focus on constant progress that is a hallmark of the IT and green energy environments. It goes hand in hand with a need for dynamic reactions to changes. ADC thinks globally and acts locally, all with an appropriate response time and vision of a more sustainable future.
Relationships and team spirit
The digital world is a network of interconnected devices and people. ADC believes that it all started with the latter and cherishes its relationships. Be that between us and our partners, customers, but also within the ADC team itself. Building a dependable network wouldn't be possible without a proper attitude, shared principles and visions, nor a carefully established trust. We do our best to transfer this way of thinking to all our actions.
Ambition and initiative
ADC has great ambitions when it comes to its role on the IT distribution market. They are our drive, an accelaration force which keeps us powering through even the most difficult times. In order to maintain our momentum, we are taking paths rarely chosen by the competition. We believe that initiative is a quality necessary for any leader, and we are not afraid to show it whenever it is benefitial for our own or our clients' projects.
ADC numbers
ADC's road so far might be a relatively short one, but it's paved with success. We have managed to show our skills and prowess during even the most difficult times. We don't like boasting, therefore we allow numbers to speak volumes on our behalf.
Years in business